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Portrait photographer serving the people and their furry friends of Waterloo Region.


"Our family had the pleasure of working with Victor Rose Photography for a mid summer family shoot. They were a lot of fun to work with, we tried lots of strange things (some of which turned out to be favourites!) and they catered to all of our ideas. The lighting was dramatic and they really knew how to make us look good. They answered all of our questions and were prompt and professional. Highly recommended!"


"My fiancé and I had a session booked with Victor Rose Photography that included both of my dogs and my horse. It was made to be special as my engagement occurred the week before the shoot, and Victor and Tianna went above and beyond for us! Tianna helped me get my horse looking her best and helped manage the dogs throughout. Victor is amazing at giving enough direction for you to stand/sit perfectly, without giving so much that it becomes unnatural and posed. The whole shoot was very relaxed and calm and somehow in our animal chaos, we managed to get some incredible photos that I’ll have displayed forever!
Thank you Victor & Tianna for being your beautiful selves!"


"I used Victor for some fabulous pet shots! Victor and his wife Tianna are amazing to work with. They are so accommodating and make you and your pets feel comfortable. The shots turned out amazing and I am so happy I chose them to take the photos!

Thanks so much Victor and Tianna!"


"I have had the pleasure of working with Victor Rose photography in sessions with both my horses and my dogs. Whether you're looking for dramatic and serious or fun loving and a bit goofy, they go above and beyond to give you exactly what you want. They create an amazing atmosphere that puts both yourself and your pets completely at ease (even a horse that spooks at camera flashes).  I now have absolutely stunning photos that will provide many cherished memories. I highly recommend Victor Rose Photography!"


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